The aim of the support within the Axis is to protect nature resources through anti-flood protection of the region, effective management of municipal waste, putting water and sewage management in order and protection of biological diversity.

We have invested in:

  • construction or reconstruction of small retention devices and water collection, discharge and treatment systems,
  • creation and extension of systems aimed at informing about, warning against and responding to natural hazards,
  • purchase and modernization of specialist equipment of rescue service units,
  • creation and development of points for selective collection of municipal waste,
  • extension of regional installations for processing of municipal waste,
  • construction of installations for waste recovery or recycling,
  • construction and extension of installations for management of waste subject to biodegradation along with systems for selective collection of bio-waste,
  • construction, extension of collective sewage system networks and sewage treatment plants,
  • reconstruction of water supply system equipment,
  • creation and extension of systems for monitoring and assessing quality of waters,
  • construction, extension of infrastructure for management of sewage sludge,
  • comprehensive projects within the scope of protection of species and habitat diversity as well as protected areas,
  • comprehensive projects aimed at protecting waters,
  • creation or modernization of green areas, public parks in towns and cities,
  • preparation and implementation of nature protection plans,
  • creation of ecological education centres,
  • information campaigns pertaining to ecological education.

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